As a Arizona native, I feel that I have a certain obligation to know and frequent all of the locally owned specialty stores, restaurants, museums, boutiques and landmarks that our great state is known for. There are so many wonderful local concepts in our growing community and the people behind them are determined to create even more unique experiences for Arizona dwellers to treasure. On that note, I've recently stumbled across a few new local businesses as well as discovered some insider secrets (that are not so secret) about the handful of spots that I regularly frequent. Here's a glimpse at my most recent Arizona discoveries.

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1. This is Meat Market Vintage, my new favorite vintage store in Tempe. Great selection and amazing prices. 2. The green house at The Farm at South Mountain is stunning and so unique. Have lunch and explore the grounds. 3. Citizen R+ D is the fairly new "speak easy" style bar that is housed above Citizen Public House restaurant. 4. The sketch book at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe is a gem! I love this "Morning Men of Cartel" drawing. 5. The salted chocolate chip cookie at LGO is the best cookie I've ever eaten! You must try one! 6. My new favorite nail spot Teres Nail Bar is unlike any nail salon I've ever been to. The service is spectacular, the interiors are beautiful and you must try the comlimentary mango aloe water. Divine!